GD Topic Airforce Phase 2

GD Topic Airforce Phase 2

GD Topic For Airforce Phase 2, Day School Vs Boarding School
GD Topic Airforce Phase 2

Important GD Topic for Airforce Phase 2 are covered in GD batches in TheOriginal Tutors. Indian Airforce conducts Group Discussion to check that the candidate has certain personality traits such as interpersonal communication skills, confidence in public speaking, team spirit, leadership abilities, social behaviour and problem-solving skills. Group discussion conducted by Indian Airforce to select an ideal candidate as an Airmen for a particular job role. “Group” is a collection of individuals who have regular contact and frequent interaction and who work together to achieve a common set of goals. “Discussion” is the process whereby two or more people exchange information or ideas in a face-to-face situation to achieve a goal.  GDs form an important part of the short-listing process for recruitment in any organization or admission in a company or in Group Discussion

GD Topic Airforce Phase 2

Boarding School Vs Day School

GD Topic For Airforce Phase 2
GD Topic Airforce Phase 2

Advantages of Boarding School

  • The educational standard at boarding schools are quite high and it also helps children develop social values which are of real importance in life.
  • A major advantage of the boarding school experience is the fact that the learning never stops. Your child is immersed in an educational environment, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and even when they’re outside the classroom, they’re still learning important life skills
  • Most boarding schools are very strict about homework and discipline, so you can be confident that your child is getting it done in a distraction-free environment .
  •  Children have numerous opportunities of extra-curricular activities to offer at boarding schools which are far more extensive than those on offer at a day school. Boarding schools have a responsibility to keep children busy in their downtime, and most of them really go to town on the activities they offer.
  • Boarding school comes with a built-in social life, which means that your children will be living with their friends.  It’s also a good option for only children, who don’t have siblings to play with back home.
  • It develops your child’s confidence because they’re forced to interact with other children constantly, and they’ll be learning to get on with lots of different personalities, which is a useful skill for life.
  • Going to boarding school cultivates self-reliance, getting your child used to self dependent &  independence they need to succeed when they leave the education system altogether and go out to work.
  • Boarding school can improve family relationships because you see each other less often, the time you do spend together is of a higher quality. 
  • Early teenage is a tough time for both parents and children. Parents find it difficult to keep tab of what their children do in their peer group and to prevent them from indulging in ill habits like smoking, drinking and rash driving. At residential/boarding schools parents can be totally assured that their children would not be indulging in these kind of unhealthy activities.

Advantages of Day School

  • Boarding schools costs significantly more than day school so many families cannot afford the cost. Moreover that money can be used in higher education of the child
  • Homesickness is likely to rear its ugly head at some point or another, at least in the beginning. Your child will be away from home for the first time, in an unfamiliar environment away from their family and home, and their new way of life will take some getting used to in boarding.
  • With more involvement of parents in the upbringing of the children, their relationship is strongly bonded.
  • When they started growing up with parents and grand parents they will get to know about their family values, traditions & culture though the process.


Boarding schools can be better than day schools for the overall development of the children depending on individual choice of parents and children. Not all children are as adaptive as the others and they are not likely to bear staying away from parents. Some children are also known to feel that they are punished by parents when sent to stay at boarding school.

Contrary to this, some children along with the cooperation from parents understand better and know that it is for their own benefit that they are sent to boarding school. Hence, it is more likely to depend upon the attitude, behavior and parental nature of the parents that shapes the way a child benefits from staying at boarding schools or not.

GD Topic Airforce Phase 2 Original Tutors Selection 2020

Airforce Selections

Original Tutors Airforce Airmen Selections 2020 Our heartiest congratulations  to Vishant Dagar, Vikas Sharma, Yash Sharma, Lavish Shiwach, Prabhat Giri, Harsh Rajput, Vishal Teotia, Atul Pal, Lakhan Kumar,, Anmol, Chandan Kumar, Kapil, Naveen , Aman, Gaurav Kumar, Vaibhav Kumar, Gagan Mudgal, Shubham Singh, Avneesh Kumar,Vikash Kumar, Harsh Thakur, Naveen Dagar, Abhinav Rathi, Nishant Kumar, Vivek, Luv Tomar, Mohit Kumar, Nishant Kumar & many other students who added feathers to the cap of The Original Tutors through their Airforce Airmen XY selections 2020. New stars entered into the sparkling galaxy of THE ORIGINAL TUTORSVishant dagar & Vikas Sharma scoring 20 out of 20 in English, have created another landmark in the record books of The Original TutorsVery proud moment for The Original Tutors that Vishant Dagar & Vikas Sharma two of our brightest stars performed outstandingly well scoring 20 out 20 marks in English.

Result of Airforce X/Y

Airforce Airmen Selections 2020

  • THE ORIGINAL TUTORS has manifested method of teaching by the systematic application of the scientific methods, demonstrations, diagrammatical presentations, Audio-video presentations, Group discussions, Newspaper sessions.
  • All these specific learning technique have made the teaching-learning process more entertaining.
  • This directs complete concentration over the attainable objectives of the students.
  • We clearly understand that every student has his own understanding level, intelligence, liking and disliking, thoughts, social environment, capabilities, positives and area of improvement.

Join & feel the difference

  • All energetic, dynamic & passionate youth looking for a very diverse and exciting & adventurous career.
  • Apart from flying one has to manage hundreds of personnel on base camp, formulate high-level strategies and tactics.
  • During the calamities and emergencies, they step further and carry food and crucial supplies. If all the above-mentioned duties, gives you adrenaline rush then a career as an Air Force Officer is the right choice for you.
  • Come and join THE ORIGINAL TUTORS, the Best Airforce/NDA/ X/Y & AFCAT Coaching in Meerut.

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