Phase 2GD Coaching Meerut

Phase 2GD Coaching Meerut

The team of experts in The Original Tutors helps you to prepare all Important Topics for Airforce XY Phase 2GD coaching Meerut.  Indian Airforce in Phase 2 Adaptability Test conducts Group Discussion to check that the candidate has certain personality traits such as interpersonal communication skills, Body language, confidence in public speaking, team spirit, leadership abilities, social behavior and problem-solving skills. GD is an important part of Airforce XY Phase 2GD Coaching Meerut which cannot be neglected. GD round is conducted to check the way you speak, how you speak and what you speak in order to judge your knowledge and personality. Having knowledge about current affairs is one of the best ways to leave a good impact and clear the GD round. Therefor quickly Come and join THE ORIGINAL TUTORS batch for Airforce XY Phase 2GD Coaching Meerut to qualify in GD round conducted by Indian Airforce to select an ideal candidate as an Airmen for a particular job role.

Phase 2GD Coaching Meerut: Topic Corruption in India

Phase 2GD coaching Meerut Corruption in India
Corruption In India
  • Corruption in India is an issue which affects the economy of central, state and local government agencies in many ways. Not only has it held the economy back from reaching new heights, but rampant corruption has stunted the country’s development.
  • According to Corruption Perception Index (CPI) which ranks 180 countries awards India a score of 40, rendering it the 81st most corrupt country in the world.
  • There are abundant reasons for the cause of corruption in India. The primary reasons being lack of effective management in organization, lack of support for good leaders, lack of proper vigilance systems in the country, lack of economic stability which leads to unemployment and changes in standard of living.
  • Corruption develops a feeling of insecurity in the minds of affected people which are taken advantage by corrupt people.

Phase 2GD Coaching Meerut: Corruption in India: Consequences

Phase 2GD Coaching Meerut, Corruption In India
GD Topic : Corruption In India
  • Corruption leads to loss of wealth and prosperity which is a great loss for the future of India. Many developmental projects are taking unnecessary delay for their completion due to corruption. Leads to backwards in every field like sports, technology, medicine, research, economy, defence, and infrastructure.
  • Corruption in public services sector carries high risks for conducting good businesses. Companies are likely to unwanted red tapes, petty corruption, bribes for finalizing any procedures or deals.
  • Due to corruption in India, the Indian government is unable or lacked the will to eradicate poverty. While the rich are becoming richer, the poor are becoming more poorer.
  • Corrupt government employee and mediators offer jobs to unskilled and incapable candidates by taking bribe leaving the management with poor decision making. When good employees in private sectors also face harassment due to government policies and corruption in India they move to foreign countries.
  • There is a high risk of corruption in India while dealing with India’s judiciary, particularly in lower court levels put the common man in great stress. With bribes often exchanged in return for favorable court decisions leads to people to lose faith in judiciary.
  • India is abundant in natural resources, but corruption in India leads to loss the precious resources. Widespread problems in the illegal mining of sand, results loss revenue also severely disturbing water resources in the country. Bribery in the mining industry is common, leading very huge revenue for the government. 
  • There are few good people (Activist, NGO’s, leaders) who strive hard to eradicate corruption but due to lack of support and cooperation from people and the government, the voices and efforts of these people are often suppressed(2011 anti-corruption movement lead by Anna Hazare was successful yet The Lokpal Bill,2011 in the parliament failed to pass)

Phase 2 GD Coaching Meerut: Corruption in India- Steps taken by Indian government

  • The first and foremost solution is to change the government processes. If the members of the government and procedures are transparent one can reduce corruption drastically. 
  • Secondly, offering direct connectivity between government and public. This can reduce corruption by increasing direct contact between government and the governed. E-governance could help a lot towards this direction.
  • Thirdly, government and vigilance agencies should always keep a check on their source of income and bank accounts for the leaders and their associates.
  • Finally, a strong and effective leadership is needed. All those who are granted powers and authority through election should fulfill their promises and pledge given to people. They should strive hard to eradicate corruption from government administration.
  • The biggest step is demonetization i.e. banning 500 and 1000 rs notes which is the route of all evil, be it Corruption, Black Money, Terrorism.
  • Under “Right to Information Act (RTI)“, citizens can now ask government about how out ta money is spent.
  • With “Jan Dhan yojana” & “Direct Benefit Transfer” schemes, bank accounts of millions of people were opened so that they can get subsidies and benefits directly into their account.
  • E-Auctions for spectrums and natural resources is a good step towards a corruptionless India.
  • Government is focusing more on Digitizing, which will lead to more transparency in functioning of government.
  • Government introduced self-attestation of certificates and has removed interviews from lower posts, so no one can bribe their way through interview to jobs.
  • Another potent check on corruption is Central Vigilance Commission (CVC). It was setup by the Government to advise and guide Central Government agencies in the areas of vigilance.
  • All government and non-government agencies should work in coordination with media, educational institutions and corporate sectors to control and eradicate corruption. They should be united in their efforts against corruption.
  • Moral values should be taught to children by their parents and teachers.

Phase 2GD Coaching Meerut: Original Tutors Selections 2020

Airforce Selections

Original Tutors Airforce Airmen Selections 2020 Our heartiest congratulations  to Vishant Dagar, Vikas Sharma, Yash Sharma, Lavish Shiwach, Prabhat Giri, Harsh Rajput, Vishal Teotia, Atul Pal, Lakhan Kumar,, Anmol, Chandan Kumar, Kapil, Naveen , Aman, Gaurav Kumar, Vaibhav Kumar, Gagan Mudgal, Shubham Singh, Avneesh Kumar,Vikash Kumar, Harsh Thakur, Naveen Dagar, Abhinav Rathi, Nishant Kumar, Vivek, Luv Tomar, Mohit Kumar, Nishant Kumar & many other students who added feathers to the cap of  The Original Tutors through their Airforce Airmen XY selections 2020. New stars entered into the sparkling galaxy of THE ORIGINAL TUTORS.  Vishant dagar & Vikas Sharma scoring 20 out of 20 in English, have created another landmark in the record books of The Original Tutors. Very proud moment for The Original Tutors that Vishant Dagar & Vikas Sharma two of our brightest stars performed outstandingly well scoring 20 out 20 marks in English.

Result of Airforce X/Y

Airforce Airmen Selections 2020

  • THE ORIGINAL TUTORS has manifested method of teaching by the systematic application of the scientific methods, demonstrations, diagrammatical presentations, Audio-video presentations, Group discussions, Newspaper sessions.
  • All these specific learning technique have made the teaching-learning process more entertaining.
  • This directs complete concentration over the attainable objectives of the students.
  • We clearly understand that every student has his own understanding level, intelligence, liking and disliking, thoughts, social environment, capabilities, positives and area of improvement.

Join & feel the difference

  • All energetic, dynamic & passionate youth looking for a very diverse and exciting & adventurous career.
  • Apart from flying one has to manage hundreds of personnel on base camp, formulate high-level strategies and tactics.
  • During the calamities and emergencies, they step further and carry food and crucial supplies. If all the above-mentioned duties, gives you adrenaline rush then a career as an Air Force Officer is the right choice for you.
  • Come and join THE ORIGINAL TUTORS, the Best Airforce/NDA/ X/Y & AFCAT Coaching in Meerut.

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