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Looking for a great career in Indian Armed Forces, you will have to clear SSB and therefore it plays a pivotal role for all defence aspirants of NDA/CDS/AFCAT. Day 1 of SSB Screening Test is the first challenge.

This post is regarding SSB Screening Test, of course screening seems very difficult for those who got screened out lot many times. SSB Screening Test is indeed a difficult test because of the competition level, screening test result is on the basis of your Intelligence tests [verbal & non verbal ] and PPDT [Picture Perception and Discussion test].

Candidates participating in PPDT Group Discussion

DAY 1 : SSB Screening Test

  • On Day 1, stage one of testing is administered. This includes a verbal and non-verbal intelligence test (About 50 questions each).
  • Verbal and non verbal is not difficult to crack because its just to test your OIR [ Officer’s Intelligence Rate ], try to attempt all the questions because time is very limited if they say 15 mins for test take it as 10 mins and attempt most of the questions because no “negative” marking.
  • Afterwards a Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT) is conducted. In this test, a picture, either hazy or clear is shown to the candidates for 30 seconds. Each candidate observes it and then, in the next one minute, must record the number of characters seen in the picture.
  • Then within a given time, each candidate must write nearly seventy words, make a story from the picture (not just describe the picture).
  • The candidate must record the mood, approximate age and gender of the first character they saw, known as the “main character”.
  • In stage two of the PPDT, the candidates are given their stories which they may revise.
  • Each candidate in the group must narrate his or her story within one minute.
  • The group is then asked to create a common story involving each of them or their perceived picture stories.

PPDT : SSB Screening Test 2020

Most important questions students ask are What is PPDT? How to write story in PPDT? How to explain PPDT picture? PPDT also known as Picture Perception and Discussion Test is one of the most important of two tests conducted in stage one testing of SSB interview.

Note: Remember the quality of the picture shown in PPDT is very poor and hazy, you won’t be able to identify minor objects.

SSB Screening Test : PPDT Stories

Here are some PPDT Pictures with stories


Vishal Garg was appointed as the new library in charge of NAS college Meerut. After joining, he noticed that the books in the library were off very old edition. He saw that the students were not using them properly as many of them were torn out, and some were not relevant with changing scenario. This made him feel terrible, and he thought of solving the problem. Firstly with the help of students, Vishal gave new books suggestions to the college principal. Also, during the classes, he told students about the book’s importance and warned them not to write anything in the books again. Later, many new books came, and Vishal saw the increasing interest of students in the books and was happy.


Major Gaurav was posted in the higher altitudes of Jammu and Kashmir. One day he got orders from senior officers to arrange a trekking activity with his team. Gaurav was very excited about the opportunity. He called a meeting of his team and made a rough plan about the event. Gaurav, with his team, decided the path and schedule of trekking. On the event’s day, he distributed pieces of equipment like a map, compass, shoes, rope, sticks, and kit bag to all the team members. Later they all climbed the mountain with full Josh. The task was completed, and the seniors praised the whole team’s work.


Sohan Lal was a 28 years old milkman who lived in Hapur. One day when he came to serve milk to one of his customers, he found that the door was locked, but on the other hand, the smell of gas was also coming from the house. He quickly called the house owner and told them about the situation. After discussing with them, he came up with a solution. He arranged rope from the neighborhood and climbed into the house through the window with the help of it. He switched off the gas from the main supply and came back safely. Due to his efforts the danger vanished and the house owners praised his efforts.


Lalit was a 20 years old worker in one of the dry fruit factories at Palampur. On an average day what he noticed that suddenly fire broke into the factory due to a short circuit in the main plug and it was spreading very fast. Seeing this, he quickly took action. He, with the help of a fire extinguisher, rescued the nearby people properly out of the factory. Not only this, he promptly called the fire brigade so that the fire could vanish. Later the fire came under control, and everyone was rescued safely. Lalit was satisfied.


Sudhir was a captain in the Army and posted in Jaipur. When he came back home, he planned a small get together with his friend during the holiday. While they were enjoying themselves, he saw that one of his friends starts smoking and that too in front of his child. Sudhir, seeing this felt very bad and stopped his friend from smoking. He told his friend about the various diseases caused by smoking like Cancer and its bad effect in front of a child. Later, Sudhir also suggested to his friend some meditation techniques and Nicotine gum, helping to quit smoking. After some months, Sudhir coordinated telephonically with his friend, and his friend was able to quit smoking. Seeing this, Sudhir was very happy.

Try to write a practical story and describe the events which could possibly be performed. You can choose the names you are most familiar with so that it could help you while narrating the story. Although if you could not complete your story on paper, you could complete it during the discussion. So, these were five stories from my perspective. I hope it was useful for you.


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  • We clearly understand that every student has his own understanding level, intelligence, liking and disliking, thoughts, social environment, capabilities, positives and area of improvement.
SSB Screening Test

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