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Airforce Phase 2 GD

Airforce X/Y GD

Group Discussion is an important criterion in Airforce Phase 2 GD and in many entrance exam to select the candidates. We are highlighting some very important points to succeed in Airforce Phase 2 GD. And here we will discuss some of the important GD Topics that are been frequently asked in Airforce Boards.

Airforce Phase 2GD Topics:

Currently we are providing you some of the most important expected topics for Group Discussion in Agniveer Airforce Phase 2nd 2022. This list of topics must be covered by all the students going for Airforce Phase 2nd exam. X and Y group are the basic divisions of the Air Force. X group stands for technical and Y for non- technical position. One of the crucial rounds of the three phase selection process is Group Discussion. Its aim is to judge the knowledge and communication skills candidates possess.

Airforce Phase 2nd GD

LIST of Topics for 2022 Airforce Phase 2 GD

  1. Offline Education vs Online Education/ E-learning Pro’s & Con’s
  2. India’s Achievement in 75 years of Independence
  3. Importance of Yoga/Exercise/Fit India movement
  4. Corona impact on Society/Education System in India
  5. Remixing of Old songs Vs New songs
  6. Impact of Social Media on Youth of India
  7. Role of Social Media Vs Print Media
  8. Old Age Homes in India
  9. Ban on Single use Plastics by Indian Govt.
  10. Women Empowerment / Role of Women in Indian Society
  11. Role of Women in Indian Armed Forces/ Permanent Commission
  12. New Education Policy and its impact
  13. Cryptocurrency its Pro’s & Con’s
  14. Raising age of marriage for Women from 18 to 21
  15. Srilanka’s Economic Crisis
  16. Farm Laws 2020 – Pro’s & Con’s
  17. Atmanirbar Bharat / Made in India Campaign
  18. Hindi Language Vs Vernacular Language
  19. Eve Teasing/ Sexual Harassments on workplace
  20. Instagram/Facebook/ Twitter impact on Indian Youth.
Phase 2GD Coaching Meerut

Airforce Phase 2 GD

During the GD the candidates are evaluated for the following traits:

How should I prepare for the Group Discussion?

Your preparation for GD has to be broken down into two parts:

Subject knowledge: Your subject knowledge during the GD can’t be replaced by anything else. Read voraciously on all subjects to have good ideas. Following could be your sources of information:

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