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GD Topics For SSB 2022


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All defense aspirants looking around for GD Topics for SSB 2022 this post would be a great help to all. Talking about the group discussion, it is a major part of the SSB Interview. These GD topics for SSB 2022 are collected and compiled by Original Tutors team, candidates who are going to attend the SSB interview soon can refer to our GD Topics for SSB link in which all recently asked topics are given which have been asked in SSB’s recently.

Group discussion is a process where the candidates get an opportunity to formally exchange their opinions and ideas on subjects and issues of common interest and controversial nature. A topic is given to a group of candidates and discussion is held. All candidates deliver their point of view for the given topic and graded accordingly by the Service Selection Board. Students who narrate their view on the given topic in a concise, compact way and deliver “to-the-point” information and given good grades over students delivering un-adequate and incomplete information. Fresh GD Topics for SSB 2022 interview are updated for every year and students need to prepare for those topics thoroughly.

Latest GD Topics for SSB:

Do remember every year New & Latest GD Topics for SSB interview are updated and candidates need to practice & prepare for these topics thoroughly. Firstly, group discussion is the first test conducted on GTO 1 day. Secondly, group discussion is conducted to check the behavior of the candidates in the group activities along with the knowledge and participation. The 2 group discussions are related to current and economic issues. So below are some topics of 2021 & 2022 that will help you in preparing for your Group discussions in 2022.

Latest GD Topics for SSB

Top 10 GD Topics for SSB 2022

  1. Srilanka’s Economic Crisis
  2. Russian – Ukraine War
  3. What do you think about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) impact on Indian and Global economy
  4. COVID-19 in India and its challenges for Health infrastructure of India
  5. Covid-19 & E-Learning – Past, Present and Future
  6. What are Farm Bills 2020 – and Pros, Cons & Challenges
  7. A new culture Work from home – Pros & Cons
  8. Modernization of Indian Army, Air Force and Navy
  9. Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan
  10. E-Learning – Past, Present and Future

Best 20 GD Topics for 2021 SSB

  1. What is the most common problem for the youth these days – employment, enjoyment or health
  2. Atrocities against animals – religiously right, against animals, a political issue
  3. Crime against women – Western culture, rural thinking, weak laws
  4. Education system needs to – focus on practical knowledge, reduce and manage syllabus, opting technology as a substitute
  5. How can corruption be checked? – by use of digital mediums, strengthen laws, adding more authorities
  6. Who will get maximum benefit of GST – common people, Traders, business giants
  7. What plays crucial role between Indo-china relations – economic participation, defense standoffs, political and ethnic aspects
  8. How farmers should be supported for their yield failures – loan waiving, subsidies, initiatives like e-NAM
  9. Where technology can be most beneficial – medication, education, business
  10. What was the impact of demonetization – Turing to cashless economy, returning black money, stopping counterfeiting of money
  11. How can jobs be produced in India? – increasing FDI, increasing skill development programs, or any other
  12. What government should do to overcome corruption in India?
  13. What is the biggest problem for the new generation of India – child marriage, child abuse, child labor
  14. The health related issues are increasing. What is the major cause?
  15. What is the biggest hurdle in increasing digital economy? Lack of awareness, increased hackings, limited reach of technology
  16. How India’s performance in sports can be improved?
  17. How is technology impacting youth? Reduced physical activities, came out as edition, easiest way of interaction
  18. What should be done for better democracy in India? Improve election procedures, increase transparencies in politics, providing more power and freedom to the citizens.
  19. Is the reservation policy of India working as per the expectations?
  20. How can terrorism be overcome? – providing better employment facilities youth where terrorist recruitment is higher, providing good surrender policies, using fire and force.
  21. Why is youth distracting from opting defense as employment? More lucrative private jobs, youth want enjoyable life, youth want a comfortable life.
  22. How cleanliness and hygienic condition in India? – conducting awareness drive, providing efficient affordable facilities to people, using laws
  23. What is impacting worst on the youth? Social media, politics, religious activities
  24. How India can raise the strength of women – using rules and laws, self-empowering women, or any other
  25. Sports league like IPL has seen a big boost in the recent past, what do you think what will be its implications?

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