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Global Buddhist Summit 2023

Global Buddhist Summit 2023

The International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) is going to hold the first Global Buddhist Summit 2023 in Delhi on April 20-21, this year. This Buddhist gathering aims to discuss and find answers to the problems such as climate change, poverty, and conflict that humanity is currently facing on a global scale.

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Global Buddhist Summit 2023: Background

The Global Buddhist Summit aims to bring together leaders and scholars of the Buddhist Dhamma from around the world to discuss difficulties that are both Buddhist and universal and to establish strategies for jointly resolving the Moral and cultural degradation, religious conflicts, corruption, a lack of food and water security, unemployment, environmental degradation, poverty, malnutrition, and other serious problems that confront societies around the world. Every technological advancement that man has achieved in recent years has had a negative impact on society. The alienation among various communities is becoming the main cause of disintegration, leading to hyper-individuality. This has resulted in a lack of empathy for those who are suffering, basically instilling selfishness and greed in society. Compassion, solidarity, and peace are ideals that are especially important in these times.

Global Buddhist Summit 2023: Theme

‘Responses to Contemporary Challenges from Philosophy to Praxis’ is the theme of the forthcoming two-day Global Buddhist Summit, which India will be hosting. The summit’s main objective is to use Buddhist teachings and ideas to address contemporary problems. The summit comes after a two-day conference on shared Buddhist heritage that participants from Central Asia, East Asia, South Asia, and Arab countries attended and which was organized by India as chair of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO).

PM Modi’s Thought on the Buddhist Summit :

Global Buddhist Summit 2023 "

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 20 said that the world was facing the most challenging times of the century due to war, economic crisis, terrorism and climate change, and all these contemporary global challenges can be addressed through the teachings of Lord Buddha. Inaugurating the first Global Buddhist Summit here, Mr. Modi said the Buddha preached abandoning war, defeat and victory for eternal peace. A better and stable world can be achieved only if we consider the nations dealing with a scarcity of resources. “It is the need of the hour that the priority of every person and nation should be the interest of the world along with the interest of the country,” the PM said.

“The path of Buddha is the path of the future and the path of sustainability. Had the world followed Buddha’s teachings, it would not have faced the problem of climate change,” Mr. Modi said. This problem arose as nations stopped thinking about others and coming generations, and this mistake accumulated to catastrophic proportions, Mr. Modi said. He said that everyone can contribute towards fighting climate change. “If people become aware and change their lifestyle, then this huge problem of climate change can also be tackled,” he said.

The Prime Minister gave the example of Mission LiFE, an initiative by India which he said was influenced by the inspirations of Buddha.

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