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Operation Kaveri of India

Operation Kaveri of India

Operation Kaveri of India is a rescue mission launched by the government to evacuate stranded Indian citizens from Sudan where the Sudanese Army and paramilitary groups are fighting. The first batch of 360 Indians from crisis-hit Sudan arrived in New Delhi this evening under Operation Kaveri of India.

What is Operation Kaveri ?

Operation Kaveri of India

What is the Current Crisis in Sudan?

Other Evacuation Operations of India

 Operation Ganga(2022):It is an evacuation mission to bring back all the Indian nationals who are currently stranded in Ukraine.The tensions between Russia and Ukraine are currently heightened, with war erupting in Ukraine after the Russian military launched a series of attacks recently.
Operation Devi Shakti (2021):Operation Devi Shakti was India’s complex mission to evacuate its citizens and Afghan partners from Kabul after its swift takeover by the Taliban.
Vande Bharat (2020):When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, the Centre launched the Vande Bharat Mission to bring back Indian citizens stranded in foreign countries.In the multiple phases of the operation, about 60 lakh Indians were brought back as on 30th April, 2021
Operation Samudra Setu (2020):It was a naval operation as part of the national effort to bring home Indian citizens from overseas during the Covid-19 pandemic.It successfully brought back 3,992 Indian citizens to their homeland by sea.Indian Naval ships Jalashwa (Landing Platform Dock), and Airavat, Shardul and Magar (Landing Ship Tanks) participated in this operation which lasted over 55 days and involved traversing more than 23,000 km by sea.

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