(Word Association Test) WAT in SSB is one of the four psychological tests employed by the SSBs in Phase 2 of their testing procedure to evaluate a candidate’s patterns of thought, personality, temperament, achievements, failures and emotional responses based on the principle of his/ her subconscious mind. WAT in SSB is the second test conducted during the process of psychology during SSB. This test is assumed to be the toughest one as the time available to attempt the test is very limited. WAT in SSB consists of 60 words in which each word is flashed for 15 seconds and the aspirant needs to see the word and write the sentence based on it. In this process a series of 60 words are shown one after the other.

WAT In SSB (Do’s and Don’ts)

  •  Firstly keep your mind Concentrated and look carefully onto the slide and grasp the word shown to you.
  • Quickly make a quality and positive sentence that can be fitted with word.
  • I suggest prepare beforehand for this test as you will get no time to think over there.
  • Try to attempt all the words as missing a word creates a wrong impression in the minds of the examiner.
  • There may be negative words there so you may get confuse how to make positive sentence over there so my recommendation to you practice some negative words for that, i have provided a lots of WAT word for practice.
  • Do use the word in any form (Adjective, Adverb, Verb etc.) – Walk, Walking, Walked – Beauty, Beautiful, Beautified – Guide, Guidance, Guiding, Guided.
  • If any sentence is missing or incomplete try to complete next in time and complete previous one.
  • Avoid Could / Should – It denotes preaching and teaching sentences.
  • Do not write too many sentence on same idea. like good teacher and defence forces.
  • Avoid Suggestions and Observatory sentences.
  • Don’t write idioms, phrases, quotations, universal truths. They show lack of original thoughts. 
  • Avoid I, We, Me – It denotes Selfish behavior and Self praising.
  • Don’t write original word at starting, write direct sentence.
  • Avoid cuttings and poor handwriting.

(How to write negative words in WAT?)

There will be negative word no doubt, they will be shown to check your thinking capabilities on seeing negative words and how you goes with them. 

To tackle a negative SSB WAT word, follow these 2 principles: Denial and Remedial. For a negative word, you can either deny it in a positive way or give out a remedy to it.

Firstly don’t get confused on seeing the word be cool, try to co-relate it with some positive idea. Secondly you can also replace negative word with its opposite word in some WAT’s.

Some Examples of Negative WAT’s are: Blood – O+ is a Universal donor. Hate – Love overcomes hate. Accident – Following traffic rules avoids accident. Battle – Battles are won by proper planning. Weapon- Soldiers use for protection. Hijack – Commando’s are trained for such conditions.

60 New WAT’s for Practice

  • Assist – Teammates assist each other to achieve goal.
  • Garden – Symbol of beauty & freshness. Spending time gives relaxation .
  • Attempt – Serious attempts ensure good results.
  • Method – Right methodology brings success.
  • Time – Time management quickens the pace of work. / Maximize it positively.
  • Award – Satisfaction after hard work is an award itself. / Gallantry awards are earned by valor and bravery.
  • Book – Best friends forever. / Reading books enhances knowledge.
  • Compromise – Army does not compromises on its standards./
  • Ballot – Plays an important role in Democracy. / True reflection of fundamental rights.
  • Brave – Brave people mold the society.
  • Persuade – Persuasiveness is a virtue of a good leader.
  • Beggar – NGO works for upliftment of beggars. / Needs motivation & self employment opportunities.
  • Woman – Treated with respect and honor. /Real builders of a nation./ Women are strength of every man.
  • Competition – Competition makes the work exciting. / Positive competition provides motivation.
  • Blind – Blind people needs care and motivation.
  • Charity – Altruist gives charity & empowers others. / Virtue of a good human being.
  • Pity – Street animals are to be treated with pity.
  • Dance – Great means of entertainment. / Exercise
  • Hungry – Hunger for excellence motivates champions./ Hunger for learning develops intellectuals.
  • Child – A blossoming flower of family. / Symbol of purity and innocence.
  • Team – Teamwork leads to success. / Good leaders lead the team to success.
  • Duty – Duty & responsibility goes hand in hand.
  • Defeat – Defeat negative thoughts with positive mindset.
  • Education – Education leads to nations prosperity. / Education brushes up one’s abilities.
  • Fast – Fast actions are symbol of persistent efforts. / Fast & quick responses are taken by leaders.
  • Gold – NDA is an golden opportunity for youngsters. / True friends are like real gold in life.
  • Gun – Guns are ornaments of soldiers. / Indian Army have been strengthened with new Israeli Negev LMG.
  • Record – Good records are must for joining organization.
  • Height – Conquering heights brings excitement.
  • Habit – Good habits are inculcated by practice. / Good habits leads to a great & successful life.
  • Quality – Quality education provides greats assets to a nation
  • Impossible – Consistent efforts make everything possible.
  • Journal – Journals are source of knowledge. / Symbol of innovative thoughts.
  • Click – Click lovely moments for refreshing memories.
  • Minister – Holds responsibilities to take nation ahead./ Real developers of a strong nation.
  • Literary – Higher Female literacy rate reflects progressiveness of a nation.
  • Thief – Intelligent & quick planning of police can caught thieves.
  • Speed – Speed with caution makes one win the race.
  • School – True temples of a nation. /
  • Government – Government is taking positive steps to control Corona.
  • Soul – Meditation gives energy to soul.
  • Future – Future is always better for go- getters./ Youth is a future of strong nation./ E-learning is future of education.
  • Step – Strong steps were taken by our Army against China in Galwan valley.
  • Pursue – Pursuing morning exercise leads to healthy life.
  • Craze – Craze for joining army is unbelievable in youngsters.
  • Baby – Full of innocence & cheerfulness.
  • Thank – Thank corona warriors for their devotion towards nation & humanity.
  • Board – Success in board exams reflects one’s hard work.
  • Bold – A bold approach speaks of the bravery of a man.
  • Kill – Kill the terrorists to bring peace & development in J&K.
  • Hurry – Punctual approach avoids hurry situations.
  • Reject –  Brave never rejects challenges of life.
  • Danger– Indian defence is always ready for dangerous situations. 
  • Weapon– Weapon is used for protection.
  • Hijack– Commandos are trained for 
  • Difficult– Difficulties are solved by patience.
  • Fear– Winners bravely face his fear.
  • Aggressive– A leader patiently deals with his team.
  • Suicide – Man of courage never thinks of suicide.
  • Knife – Knife is useful instrument for surgeon.
  • Snake – Snake poison is useful for medical purposes.
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